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Gift-wrapping available. I've found the perfect box for these garlands. I nestle the Golden Bird into fancy metallic tissue and seal up with a silver sticker. If you want, I can gift wrap the outside too at no extra charge. But if you want to see the garland before you give it, I set up the whole thing so you can finsh the wrap yourself.

Golden Bird Garland

Golden Bird Garlands
  • A few years ago, I got really overwhelmed by Christmas shopping. All the fun and joy of searching for perfect gifts was overshadowed by the hassle of traffic and crowds and parking and noise and the rush of it all. So I decided to make all my Christmas gifts. It changed everything I was feeling about Christmas and it returned it to the original spirit of gift-giving. One of my favorite ideas was this Golden Bird garland. A golden glittery  5.5 x 9" bird is flanked by stars (and snowflakes if you get the horizontal version) and a single red heart or blue star at the top. They look terrific in a window - a group is especially festive - on trees, inside a wreath or even a dreary corner that needs a little something sparkly. Handmade gifts are the most Christmasy of all. World-class craftsmanship ensures this gift is sure to be well received. Choose from 4 foot vertical or six foot horizontal and let me know if you'd prefer a red heart or blue star or neither at check out.