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Hello! I am Ande Cook, I am an artist and gardener living in beautiful North Georgia USA

The story of me: newspaper layout artist; film animator; high-school art teacher; director of teacher training at the High Museum of Art; instructor of art education Georgia State University; artist in residence for the Georgia Council for the Arts; illustrator; painter; film maker; object designer; novice organic farmer; chicken wrangler; world class dog lover. Long time married to a handsome former rock star.

I have worked with: Little Golden Books, Houghton-Mifflin, Bohemia Beer, Leap Frog Creative Toys, The Oxford American, Dennard Lacey and Associates, Atlanta Magazine, Harcourt-Brace, Readers Digest; the High Museum of Art, Emory University, Wiley Publishing, Michael C Carlos Museum, Augsburg Press, Benziger Publishing, Landor, Scholastic, and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

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